The devastation of nuclear weapons and

Continue to article content Since the start of his presidency, Barack Obama has been clear that one of his major goals was to secure nuclear weapons and materials. In addition, despite missing a self-imposed deadline of April for ensuring that nuclear materials were safe from terrorists across the globe, the White House at about the same time rejected a confidential Energy Department-sponsored plan to accelerate those efforts bythe year Obama is slated to convene a fourth international summit on the issue. Despite progress, the Energy Department found, there remained enough nuclear explosive material in the hands of civilians to cobble together 40, atomic bombs.

The devastation of nuclear weapons and

The devastation of nuclear weapons and

Prev Article Next Article The only devices created to beat the living species in the world are nuclear weapons, which have very destructive power. The countries with most powerful nuclear weapons in the world are definitely a threat to those without such weapons.

In no time, these devices can destroy the whole world so time to think that why countries have made such weapons?

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The answer is if these are the threat to the world, then in many ways these powerful nuclear weapons are used for the benefit of mankind and for the defense purpose. The countries with most powerful nuclear weapons are considered to be more secure as compared to those who have not such weapons.

It is quite difficult to sort out the exact number of nuclear weapons in each country, but based on the Federation of American Scientists, the list of top 10 countries with most powerful nuclear weapons in the world is as follows.

Iran The new addition to the list of top 10 countries with most powerful nuclear weapons in the world is Iran. Although its total number of nuclear weapons are unclear, but Iran has now paved its way in the world of nuclear weapons.

The country has made few Nuclear weapons and has signed the agreement with America for the devastation of the Nuclear weapons. First time, they tested their nuclear ability in and became one of the nuclear power countries in the world. In andthey conduct their second and third test of nuclear weapons and now they have many small nuclear missiles, but still less than 10 nuclear weapons in the hands of their armed forces.

It is a popular country, but not in the positive manners and hated by Muslims as well as by many other countries of the world. Moreover, this country is a country with aggressive and unfriendly neighborhood. India is officially known as the Republic of India and it is the second largest country with respect to the population in the world.

According to the defense, this country has purchased third most weapons from Russia, but many experiments of India have failed because of cold border war with Pakistan.

It has a total of nuclear missiles, but it has brought the world to knees in by launching first nuclear test. Pakistan has made its defense more powerful and strong and this is the reason why it has more weapons than India.

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London is its capital, known as the financial center for the different people of the world. This country was made its entry in the world of nuclear weapons in by opening a nuclear power station.

The number of total missiles United Kingdom has The country has gained success in almost every walk of life, despite the largest populated country of the world. France In our list, the third position goes to France with a total of nuclear weapons. It is one of the most powerful countries of the world, but facing the terrorist attacks.

It has deactivated all land based nuclear weapons and it is in the research for becoming a more powerful country. According to the study, it has a more organized army with the best weapons.

The devastation of nuclear weapons and

Also, the country has many complications with China, Russia and Pakistan, due to which it is known as most hated country of the world. Russia At the top, there is Russia with approximately nuclear missiles.

It is famous for the best quality weapons and the largest country with respect to the area. There is no doubt in the quantity and quality of weapons. Russia is the largest producer of the weapons which made the country number one super power of the world.What are conventional weapons?

Weapon is used to mean an explosive weapon, such as a bomb, the warhead of a missile or an artillery shell. All such weapons contain explosive material which explodes when suitably triggered. HAARP: Weapon of Mass Destruction?

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, HAARP. Prepared by Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., GNSH. Military interest in space became intense during and after World War II because of the introduction of rocket science, the companion to nuclear technology.

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For nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, the energy is divided in various forms, roughly as 50% blast, 35% thermal and 15% nuclear radiation. Each one of these forms causes devastation on a scale that is unimaginable. "Whole World on Fire is a whole book about how the U.S.

government uses flawed methodology and inaccurate data to plan for nuclear war The analysis of the nuclear war planning sector in Whole World on Fire is interesting, controversial, and likely to provoke debate, but the book is about much more than the minutiae of nuclear targeting.

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Firestorms. Under some conditions, the many individual fires created by a nuclear explosion can coalesce into one massive fire known as a "firestorm." The combination of many smaller fires heats the air and causes winds of hurricane strength directed inward toward the fire, which in turn fan the flames.

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