Keeping the drinking age at 21 essay

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Keeping the drinking age at 21 essay

Drinking has been apart of the American culture for many years. People engage in drinking as a way to socialize at events. You can drink at sporting events, weddings, concerts, funerals, and of course, the bars or nightclubs.

Unfortunately, in recent days we have seen the consequences and dangers of drinking increase. It is becoming more frequent that people in their early adult years get DUIs. Engaging in alcohol-related activities requires responsibility, control, and knowledge.

So at what age are people adequate enough to drink responsibly? There is definitely a problem with young adults and safe drinking right now. People are out partying every weekend it seems, but not everyone in college is 21 and older. Drinking alcohol is putting poisonous toxins into your body and can result in serious injury or even death, yet we drink anyways.

We have seen greater success in other countries with the frequency of alcohol-related fatalities, especially in auto accidents. Binge drinking has also becoming increasingly popular in college students. Something needs to change to make our drinking culture a safer culture.

After the prohibition era, many states raised their legal drinking age to 21, but in the mid 70s 29 states lowered their MLDA to 18, 19 or 20 in coordination with the voting age. They also had problems with teens driving across borders to states with lower MLDAs and crashing on the way home.

Ever since Congress passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act indrinking by high school seniors has fallen from 66 percent to 42 percent and binge drinking by high school seniors has fallen from 37 percent to 24 percent Federal Trade Commission, n.

There have been some successes in making our drinking culture a safer culture, and some of these successes may in fact be due to raising the MLDA to One concern with lowering the drinking age is that it would make alcohol more easily accessible to minors. It seems reckless to give people even more freedom to get themselves into trouble.

Allowing people to drink from a younger age could also encourage them to develop a dependency on alcohol at a young age. There are some other concerns with the MLDA being lowered.

According to Watson a lower drinking age was found to be associated with a higher risk of accidental pregnancy and worse infant health as a result. Carpenter stated that alcohol consumption spiked sharply at age I wonder why that is?

It may have something to do with the fact that people are anxious and excited to finally be drinking legally, and therefore they feel as though they can really go all out.

According to Choose Responsibility n. This could be due to the fact that in their culture, drinking is normal from a young age. This can allow people to learn how to drink responsibly by the time they hit their early adult years. If we lowered the drinking age, young adults would be less likely to engage in risky behavior such as drinking and driving, pregaming, or buying fake IDs.

Keeping the drinking age at 21 essay

Giving people the title of being an adult at age 18 and allowing them to partake in voting, enlisting in the military, and signing legal documents, but not allowing them to buy a beer with their dinner is counterproductive. If you think about it, driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility.

Essay title: Keep Drinking Age at 21

This MLDA of 21 makes people more anxious to turn 21 and go out and get way more intoxicated than necessary or than what is medically safe. Under the year-old drinking age, fewer young people are drinking, but those who do choose to are drinking more Choose Responsibility, n.

Keeping the drinking age at 21 essay

As a sophomore in college, I see people engaging in under age drinking constantly. Fake IDs are also becoming increasingly popular because people under 21 are tired of waiting. Some college students have full time jobs while going to school and manage to stay responsible enough to pay for their groceries, pay rent, car payments, phone bills, etc.

We may not be able to prevent all alcohol-related injuries and deaths, but there are definitely ways to fix the problem at hand. Lowering the drinking age will gives young adults a sense of maturity and pride that they felt was taken from them.

It will allow people to learn earlier on how to drink responsibly. If others are worried about 18 year olds providing alcohol to minors, there are ways we can meet in the middle.

The drinking age should remain 21 and not be lowered to 1

If we lowered the drinking age to 18 for bar and nightclub entrance and in restaurants but restricted them from purchasing alcohol in a liquor store we could eliminate that problem. We could also restrict year olds on what type of alcohol they can consume.

People can get even more drunk faster when consuming hard liquor. To keep some safety measures, we could restrict year olds from drinking hard liquor.May 25,  · The drinking age is 21, and the age when kids may drive a car without any conditions has now increased to 17 or 18 by most state laws, not .

Alexandria Bonugli Philosophy Analytic Essay The Age of Adulthood The legal drinking age of twenty one in America has been an extremely controversial topic in which many citizens feel is very vital for this law to remain the same in our society. David Woloszyn Janice Hatfield ENG 2/25/14 Keeping The Drinking Age At 21 In today’s society, the majority of individuals tend to desire achieving something that is difficult to acquire or use for personal enjoyment.

The legal drinking age is and should remain at Lowering the legal drinking age will cause more deaths and injuries upon teenagers. Alex Wagenaar is a professor of Health Outcomes and Policy at the University Of Florida College Of Medicine.

Standardized tests - should keep the 21 to drink raising the legal drinking age. Feb 10, and protect young adults allowed to prevent americans who ask why drinking ages for every aspect of contemporary life from 21? Dear Mr. Chapman, I am writing this letter in response your opinion about keeping the drinking age at You have made some very good points about why the drinking age should be kept at On the anniversary of the passage of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, a look at the history of the legal drinking age in the U.S. In fact, it was 18, 19, or 20 in some states in the early.

Raising the voting age at 21 hasn't reduced non-profit organization looking to the use of drinking age? Mar 01, and cons of the drinking age to 18, and 74% opposed. Since the use of standardized tests - . Ever since the drinking age was set at 21, there has been controversy.

Many Americans accept as factual that if a juvenile individual is mature enough to risk their life keeping protected their homeland at age 18, then they are mature enough to drink alcohol (Smith, 32).

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