Implementing mgnrega for changing the lives

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Implementing mgnrega for changing the lives

April 30, But in India, the elites close ranks to neutralise voices of dissent and alarm, thus preventing public vigilance. Democratic governance needs the citizen to be legally empowered to ask questions, file complaints, and be a part of the corrective process. Social audits, as they have begun to evolve in India, can potentially become a powerful democratic method by which transparency can be combined with an institutionalised form of accountability to the people.

Information is empowering In a Jan Sunwai campaign, organised in five different development blocks of central Rajasthan, people learnt by doing. They realised that information is at the core of their empowerment. The process of verification, inquiry and auditing of records was demystified.

Anjor Bhaskar studies Sustainable Development, Environmental Sustainability, and Economics. does not know where to begin implementing those laws. And that is an area for which this country is 'screaming' out for reforms. in realising that the nature of NREGA works is changing, and many of the newly concieved assets are not necessarily. Implementing "Mission Water Conservation Framework" of Government of India in light of recurring drought across India. Managing "Convergence" of Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Water Resources and allied agencies like central water commission and central ground water board, National Remote Sensing Centre and Ministry of Rural Development: MGNREGA Senior Professional at TISS Patna . The CAG has claimed that West Bengal’s performance in implementing MGNREGS is severely flawed. In Mamata didi’s West Bengal, MGNREGS is deeply flawed the MGNREGA promised days of.

Public readings of informally accessed development records had dramatic outcomes. As the names were read out from government labour lists, the responses were immediate and galvanised the people.

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Information about payments made to dead people and non-workers propelled residents to testify in the Jan Sunwai. These included serving government and armed forces personnel and names randomly copied in serial order from electoral lists. Even animals absurdly enough found their way into the lists of workers.

Ghost names and ghost works were exposed. The people made four sharply focussed demands and circulated them in a pamphlet: The effective institutionalisation of this platform could be a fundamental breakthrough in the attempt to give people and communities real monitoring powers.

The RTI Act brought into effect the first prerequisite for social audits — giving citizens access to government records.

Implementing mgnrega for changing the lives

The last 13 years of its use have demonstrated its salutary effect, but also made it obvious that information itself is not enough. Contemporary discourse on the RTI reflects frustration when ordinary people are armed with information but are unable to obtain any redress.

The social audit places accountability in the centre of its frame, and transfers the power of scrutiny and validation to the people: The power of social audits The social audit is conceptually simple.

This is, however, easier said than done. An independent facilitation structure needs to be set up, fleshed out, legally empowered and mandated to ensure that social audits are conducted.


The relationship between the powerful and the powerless has to shift from patronage to rights, and from inequality to equality, making the right to question sacrosanct. Specific methods of sharing information, recording comments and acting on findings have been worked out.

They now need to be acted upon.For instance, during the last decade a number of programmes were launched that aimed at improving the social services, or services relating to health, education and income opportunities for less advantaged in society, e.g MGNREGA, NRHM, SSA, ICDS etc.

Oct 31,  · Minimum wages, health benefits for all media & entertainment industry workers soon 16 Aug, , PM IST Labour ministry is working on a new legislation that will supersede the Cine-Workers and the Cinema Theatre Workers (Regulation of Employment) Act of Weakening Panchayats in West Bengal.

Aparajita Bakshi * * Tata Institute of Social Sciences The gram panchayat acts as a direct implementing agency for some government schemes and assists in the implementation of others.

(), “Changing Lives and Landscapes: A Case Study of NREGS in Bonkati Gram Panchayat,” Review of Agrarian.

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Implementing mgnrega for changing the lives

Salvar. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) was the first law to mandate social audit as a statutory requirement. However, even within the MGNREGA. agriculture’ programmes have brought in lakhs of women as main actors in changing existing The examples are many — MGNREGA, Agriculture Department, Gram Panchayats, Digital Green, mobile technologies, marketing provided the backbone for implementing several thematic initiatives spanning from agricultural development, micro.

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