Factors affecting buying behavior of students

You'll see that growing up in poverty can affect students in wide-ranging ways that may surprise you.

Factors affecting buying behavior of students

Factors affecting buying behavior of students

June 22, Factors Influencing Food Choices: A Factors Influencing Food Choices: J Food Nutri Diete 3 1: The mixed sequential explanatory approach was followed in the conduct of the study where both quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed.

Structured questionnaire and semi-structured interview guide were used as instruments for data collection. With the aid of the Version 22 of the Statistical Product for Service Solution SPSSdescriptive statistics frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation and inferential statistics t-test and one-way ANOVA were used to analyze the quantitative data whilst the thematic approach was used to analyze the qualitative data.

Nutritional theorists and researchers argue that food plays an important role in enhancing quality of life, particularly in the prevention and management of many chronic conditions [1,2].

Consistent with these claims, [3] El Ogrban, et al. Beside nourishment, food strengthens social relations, and creates opportunities to meet with friends and family through social events [4].

Factors affecting buying behavior of students

One could deduce from the above claims that food is a predictor of healthy living which ensure the survival of mankind and strengthening of social bonds. Understandably, careful considerations are required in the selection of food as it relates to the maintenance of good health.

Particularly among adolescents, good nutrition and good food selection are essential to good health; it is the key to healthy growth and development of children and adolescents as well as to maintain health.

Meanwhile, adolescent stage has been touted as the most critical stage of life with transition into adulthood characterized by intense physical, psychological and cognitive development.

Adolescence is a life stage when youth begin to exercise their independence from parental control and monitoring and when parents begin to grant children more autonomy to make their own decisions and judgments about what, when, and the quantity of food to eat [5,6].

The Seven Engagement Factors

Consequently, the eating of nutritious food and the formation of proper food habits among adolescent students should be of keen interest to education stakeholders. The unprecedented increase in diet-related diseases has been linked to poor eating habits and a perceived diminishing understanding and skill set around food and its use [7].

For instance, the prevalence of overweight and obesity nationally and internationally is high and has increased over time [8,9]. It is estimated that one in ten of the world adult population is obese and overweight, and obesity is now the fifth leading risk factor contributing to deaths world-wide [8].

Accordingly, healthy eating behavior in the adolescent period helps to maintain good health and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and other non-communicable diseases in later life.

Empirical studies have catalogued several factors that predict the food choices of adolescents.


These food choice decisions are influenced by a myriad of interrelating factors. Food choices in its broad-spectrum as conceptualized by Sommer, et al. It may be inferred that the choices that people make in the selection of a particular food are multi-componential and that no specific variable can best explain the factors that influence food choices and preferences.

On their part, Wouters EJ, et al. Similarly, a survey by van der Horst K, et al.[Google Scholar]) studied the influencing factors for online shopping behavior among college students in India and found that availability, low price, promotions, comparison, convenience, customer service, perceived ease of use, attitude, time consciousness, trust, and variety seeking are the factors that influence online purchase.

Factors that influence consumer buying behavior can be classified into four classes which are social factor, cultural factor, personal factor and psychological factor. One of the factors that influence consumer buying behavior is social factors. related to the factors affecting buying behavior in e-commerce in India.

Data Collection: Since the nature of research is qualitative, the data for factors affecting buying behavior in e-commerce in India will be collected mainly from government websites and various research papers on the present topic.

influence on consumers’ impulse buying. 2. Relationship between factors affecting impulse buying and intention to impulse buy Tendai and Crispen () found that coupons and vouchers, store display, advertisements and promotions, behaviors of shop staff and price were significant determinants of impulsive buying.

OTC buying decision is triggered by a number of factors out of which the most important seem to be: doctor choice, previous own experience, advice of the pharmacist and .

Factors Affecting or Influencing Consumer Behavior Consumer purchases are influenced strongly by cultural, social, personal, and psychological characteristics, shown in figure.

For example, marketers cannot control such factors but they must take them into account.

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