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Eth thesis database

This hanbook should define standards for Eth thesis database tendency surveys. The UN established a working group drafting the handbook.

Eth thesis database

To present the perspective of developing countries in drafting the handbook the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board NSCB Philippines was invited to serve on the Working Group given its experience in conducting the business tendency surveys in the Philippines.

The Macroeconomics of Uncertainty dissertation This dissertation studies uncertainty and its consequences on the economy. Chapter one of this dissertation is devoted to the non-linear effects of uncertainty.

Currently, academics brood over the question of why identical uncertainty shocks have more devastating consequences when one occurs during a recession than when one occurs during a boom. Chapter one pursues this question and proposes a theoretical framework that is capable of explaining the non-linear effect of uncertainty.

The framework builds on the idea that the negative effects of uncertainty become stronger when the degree of irreversibility increases and illustrates that irreversibility indeed increases during recessions and decreases during booms. The proposed general equilibrium model produces negative effects of uncertainty that are stronger in recessions than in booms.

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The second chapter focuses on the measurement of uncertainty. Weak and incomplete measurements of uncertainty are thought to be the main reason for our limited understanding of uncertainty.

Chapter two goes back to the early beginnings of uncertainty in economic discussion. It reflects on Frank Knight's early definition of uncertainty and proposes the first direct quantification method of his concept. The new Knightian uncertainty indicator uses firm-level data and is able to trace times of elevated uncertainty and identify uncertainty shocks.

Furthermore, this chapter is the first to construct and provide a comprehensive set of uncertainty indicators for Switzerland. Comparing the Knightian uncertainty indicator for Switzerland to alternative measurements of uncertainty reveals that common uncertainty indicators are, against contrary belief, far from identical.

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In fact, the presented results reveal that most indicators capture a different dimension of uncertainty. Chapters three and four study two recent events in Switzerland: These chapters examine the effects of these two events on the investment behaviour of Swiss firms.

As described in Chapter three, the vote put several economically relevant agreements between Switzerland and the European Union EU at stake and questioned firms' access to the pool of EU workers.

Real option theory predicts that firms that face irreversible investment decisions resort to a wait-and-see behaviour in a situation of temporary increased uncertainty. Firm-level panel data for the period suggests that the uncertainty shock led to significant downward adjustments in firms' investment.

Firms that were exposed to the uncertainty effects of the vote reduced both, investment in equipment and machinery and construction investment in the two years following the vote.

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On January 15th,the Swiss National Bank decided that the fixed exchange rate of the Swiss Franc with the Euro was no longer justified.

Chapter four exploits this sudden drop in the exchange rate and shows that it led to an increase in uncertainty about the future exchange rate. The study shows that the uncertainty caused by the shock had small negative effects on total investment plans.

Although the consequences of the uncertainty shock on total investment were limited, the effects of the shock varied substantially among different investment categories. While the uncertainty shock led to a strong decrease in irreversible investment plans for equipment and machinery, the analysis finds no statistically significant negative effects for planned investment in construction.

Finally, estimation results suggest that firms affected by the uncertainty shock intensify their research and development efforts. Andreas Dibiasi - Essays on business cycles and sectoral dynamics dissertation The aim of this thesis is to gain new insights on business cycles, and particularly on the role of sectoral dynamics.

Eth thesis database

For this purpose, we examine the time-varying characteristics of interindustry comovement and its determinants. Moreover, we analyse the meaning of common information for sectoral comovement.

Furthermore, this study explores the the effects of unusual weather on consumer expenditure.

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The model is regularly maintained and updated. The model equations and estimation periods were updated in in view of the availability of the new officially definitive data.

Further model structure improvements and bottom-up approaches are planned forincluding more information on the production side. In addition, the possibilities to transform the model into new software environments will be under evaluation. The model structure is revised for the Spring and Autumn forecasts.

For the Winter and Summer forecasts, the model version from the previous forecast remains essentially unchanged. Data and scenario updates are made in all cases. In addition to its central role in the forecasting process, the KOF macroeconometric model is also used in economic policy relevant third-party projects and by KOF staff in their academic work.This page lists all Allen School student theses, archived online since Winner, Best Senior Thesis Award A Crash-Safe Key-Value Store Using Chained Copy-on-Write B-trees.

Pattern Matching over Sequences of Rows in a Relational Database System Master Thesis Nihal Dindar Systems Group, ETH Zurich Department of Computer Science. Adaptation of the the american dream essay thesis creator forcing term of the eth master thesis database ibm chapter three methodology dissertation such that a parallel combinatorial synthesis of azo dyes rigid wall is modeled.

the thesis can be performed either at eth zurich, an industrial enterprise, or in a research institution, but has to be eth master thesis database advised by one.

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par la machine même dans la conception du programme () PhD Thesis, ETH Diss Nr. Fast Arithmetic Architectures for Public-Key Algorithms – Springer Link Examples of schemes which can be based on Galois fields of partially parallel), as proposed here, have only be mentioned in the dissertation.

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