Digital citizenship

Like I said in that blog post, I love using props when teaching.

Digital citizenship

Like I said in that blog post, I love using props when teaching.

Digital Literacy

Yes, you can use this with your students! If you add any new items to your kit, I would love to hear about it. Shoot me an email or send me a tweet about what you added. Here is a list of the new items I added to the kit and how I plan on using them in my lesson: Packet of Seeds Any packet of seeds will do for your kit.

I stress to all of our aurorahuskies students that what they are doing now could have an impact on them in the future. I want our students to think about the "seeds" that they are sowing as they traverse the world wide web.

Could it grow into a bigger problem? Or is their plant going to be a strong, positive representation of who they are? Plug In I used a six foot extension cord and cut it so that I have the male and female end together. I stress to students that it is okay to "unplug" unplug as you are discussing.

Get outside and be a kid! If you looked in it and saw someone in the reflection, would they approve of what you are doing or saying online? Sheet of Paper One of the most powerful items in the kit. I had read about this idea in a blog, and I enjoy using this with students.

Digital citizenship

I take a new sheet of paper and hand it to a student instructing them to wad it up into a ball. I then tell them to throw it on the ground I then have them pick up the piece of paper and I unravel it in front of the class. I tell the student that ruined the piece of paper to apologize to the piece of paper for destroying it.

Magnifying Glass Remember when first impressions started with a handshake?

Social Technology & Digital Citizenship: Teaching Rights, Responsibilities and Ethical Behavior

Now they start with Google. People are using Google to find out information about us. What will show up when someone searches you on Google? Strainer The amount of information on the internet is amazing!

Tattoos are a lot harder to get rid of.The "two lives" perspective says that our students should live a traditional, digitally unplugged life at school and a second, digitally infused life outside school. Digital Literacy Media and Interactives for Students: Safety; Privacy; Cyberbullying; Safety; Privacy; Cyberbullying; Safety; Privacy; Cyberbullying.

Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media. Be a Good Digital Citizen. Learn how to use technology and communicate online in a safe, responsible, and positive way.

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Teachers: log in with your existing BrainPOP account, or Sign up for a free Digital Citizenship subscription. Being a Digital Citizen means knowing what is right and wrong, exhibiting intelligent technology behavior, and making good choices when online.

Ensuring students understand the importance of good digital citizenship and the potential impact of a negative footprint requires the work of parents and educators. Making the online world a better place starts with you!

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