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Calculated the standard deviation of this portfolio using each stock. How does each stock affect the variability of the equity investment? Based on your answers to questions 1 and 2, which stock is riskiest? Relate your answer to question 3.

Case study beta management

As analysts, it was interesting — validating, even — to hear these stories and relate them to the aggregate data. What follows is a brief synopsis of one of the case studies presented during the hour from AbbVie Pharmaceutical. Like most organizations these days, Abbvie swims in data and has executives eager to learn from it.

They also are not prepared for the inevitable questions from C-level customers. With this in mind, Arnold and his team needed something that was simple, user friendly, and on one platform, yet was able to integrate their spend from sourcing and suppliers.

As a result, they developed a roadmap for implementing Case study beta management robust, self-service spend analytics tool in parallel with a stakeholder communication plan and a training plan. They also rolled out their training program upfront so that when they went live, their staff were already trained and could hit the ground running.

And, according to Arnold, they also made it a point to refresh their data more frequently than other organizations. Success Breeds Success As Rachel said, the more powerful and visible the tool became within the organization, the more requests from VPs, the CFO, and other executives came through wanting spend reporting, and in increasingly shorter timelines within the day — hours, even.

Case study beta management

When they adopted their analytics tool, it provided them with a wealth of increased reporting and analytics capabilities, notably: Global visibility into spend — Users can understand at a high level which departments are spending what with whom, which helps them to identify opportunities to adjust spending or suppliers Category profile analysis — they can review the categories of spend to see where the opportunities are to make adjustments — either to increase or decrease spending on a given category Supplier analysis — identify those key suppliers they have the most spend with, based not only on supplier data, but also on internal spend data.

It allows them to pitch their suppliers to source additional categories.

Case study beta management

Vendor rationalization — are they spending money with too many suppliers? Conversely, can they consolidate spend with a few strategic suppliers? Analyzing spend under management — what areas of spend do they have the most control over?

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Conversely, what areas are ripe for improvement? They also created report templates for their users to consult on their own time and analyze their spend according to whichever header information they prefer. The reporting team can also create ad-hoc reports as needed.

Category managers now examine their spend outside of their categories — e. Procurement staff now have more time to source due to the fact that supplier, spend, and category data is already consolidated, and they can take the time to make informed decisions.

Leadership now get updated spend reports faster, leading to quicker visibility into direct and indirect spend, and ultimately changes that can be made sooner, like demand management. For example, Arnold shared a story of how AbbVie leadership realized that one department was spending considerably more on bottled water than other departments.

When they approached the department head about it, they were able to switch out bottled water for water coolers, and it cut down on the cost. Things like that help organizations understand where they are spending their money and help them spend it smarter.

It collects, categorizes, cleans, enriches, and analyzes spend data, turning it into spend intelligence and disseminating it to sourcing teams to help them make informed sourcing decisions. It can provide wide and deep visibility into the spend, sourcing, and supplier habits of the organization, and allows decision makers and practitioners, alike, to drill down into sub headings to further understand the numbers and alter buying and sourcing behaviors.

At a high-level, it can speak volumes about the decisions, health, and performance of an organization. Organizations like AbbVie have their eyes and ears fixed to the data and are listening to what it has to say.Beta Management tries to make huge profits during great economic years and either vastly minimize losses or make a profit against the market during bad economic years all by increasing or decreasing its exposure to a market index.

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Management Case Study The focus of Management level is on the medium term and monitoring and implementation of strategy. In the Management/Gateway Case Study exam, your role will be that of a Finance Manager.

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