Batman the killing joke

I basically came up with Alan, Batman and the Joker".

Batman the killing joke

Although the only child in the house, his loneliness eventually changed during his fourth birthday, when his parents brought in other children for him to befriend, but most spent his party running around and yelling. Despite having play dates with the other kid over the next three years, he secretly wished to stay away from some except Rachel, who was the friend he saw the most.

One day at age eight, while playing with her in the garden greenhouse, Bruce fell into a cave where he encountered a swarm of bats. His father rescued him, though Bruce developed a fear of bats; the senior Wayne comforted his son by telling him that though people fall, they always have the strength to get up.

Later, Bruce accompanied his parents into the Batman the killing joke to see a new monorail system they built that just opened up for the public. Throughout the ride, his parents explained that Gotham was suffering from an economic downturn and enduring deeper into very hard times.

While watching a performance of Mefistofele at the Gotham Opera House nearby with both his parents, Bruce got frightened by a scene featuring a bat-like monster which reminded him of the bats that attacked him in the well and asked to leave.

At the police headquartersone of the patrolmen, Sergeant James Gordondid his best to comfort Bruce with a coat while Police Lieutenant Gillian Loeb was able to capture Chill.

His favorite subject was drama since he loved to read plays, and asked Alfred a lot of questions about drama when he learned that the butler was a child actor while growing up in England.

But Bruce still had an interest in other sports, and at age sixteen, he asked Alfred if they could try skiing. Having learned of a ski resort in Vermont, the old butler phoned for reservations at a nearby lodge for their trip. While Alfred relaxed at the lounge, Bruce decided to ski alone and snuck out of their room before hiking to the resort in his skiing equipment.

But right when he started sliding out of control down the mountain, a night watchman caught him in the act and called the rescue patrol, who found Bruce unconscious at the bottom of a shallow gorge with a bloody gash across his forehead, one of his skis lying in two pieces nearby and the other canting his leg in an unnatural angle.

He was taken back to the lodge with a cast for his leg and bandage on his forehead, and rested in bed until Alfred came to check on him. Because Bruce had a broken leg and slight concussion, a doctor who Alfred conferred with concluded that if the butler wanted to take the boy back to Gotham, he would need proper transportation.

So, Alfred purchased a twin-rotor Sikorsky helicopter to return home with the bandaged Bruce, setting it down on a field next to Wayne Manor. That following week, the bandages came off, and the Wayne Family Physician pronounced the young Wayne intact again.

Bruce refusing ownership of Wayne Manor. Bruce never thought of going skiing ever since, but his interests shifted to other athletics. He ordered a complete set of Olympic-grade gymnastics gear and spent most of the summer with an instructor learning how to use them.

Batman the killing joke

He swam in the Olympic-size pool dug behind the garden before breakfast and lifted weights for several months, but was never able to do archery or mediocre skating. Rachel sometimes joined him at the manor to swim, jump on the trampoline or hang out.

Bruce enjoyed the visits until he left the city at age seventeen to attend Princeton Universitywhere he studied Jungian archetypes and mono-myths. During class break one fine morning, Bruce waited under a clock tower at the campus center for a cute girl from his advanced calculus class, who promised to meet him there so he could lend her his notes in exchange for buying him coffee.

She never showed, and he found his mind returning to the class he just finished, mainly on the story of Siddhartha that was told. Bruce dismissed that idea by telling her about his foiled plan, and she expressed disgust for his blind vengeance without regard for justice.

Bruce on his travels around the world. Hoping to prove him wrong, Bruce got on a ferry with the intention of traveling the world to understand the criminal mind. As the ship docked two miles offshore from Hong Kong, Bruce was sent on a dinghy to pick up a package from a Chinese national and return it to the ship.

Luckily, Bruce was able to leave Hong Kong by sneaking into the engine room of a luxury liner and stowing away until it docked in Sydney. While there, he met with a young American named Zachary Dabb and helped him do charity work with the Aborigines, teaching the traveling billionaire a lesson on not to count on preparations in receiving gifts.

Shortly later, he got himself by a tramp steamer, and in the following months journeyed through a lot of Africa and some of Asia until settling down in North Korea. Jumping off ship in Marrakesh, Bruce slept under a bridge for a couple night and signed onto a tanker bound for Great Britain.

One of the deckhands, nicknamed Stockyhad a way to make quick and easy money, which an interested Bruce saw as an opportunity to understand the kind of human deprived from the cherished. Together, they took a taxi to an airport on the city outskirts, where the job was to hijack a truck full of crates being loaded onto it by laborers, but Bruce began to feel fear of preparing to commit a crime for the first time and was exhilarated by it.

The plan eventually succeeded, but both he and Stocky were cornered in a warehouse by police, who detained Bruce in a Bhutanese prison for the theft ironically of Wayne Enterprises cargowhere he brawled with the inmates. To turn fear against those who prey on the fearful.

Batman the killing joke

But when he was ordered to execute a criminal as his initiation, Bruce learned that the League were intending to use him to commit urbicide on Gotham, believing it has reach the point of its decadent corruption and that its destruction was necessary to restore the world to balance.

Bruce rescued an unconscious Ducard from the wreckage and left him to recover at a village, where the village doctor promised to tell him that his new pupil saved his life. As he exited the village, he bumped into the same boy from Tanga, who gave him a clay bowl of rice and bread as a gift in exchange for the plum.

The young billionaire continued begging for food and money until he had enough to make a telephone call to Alfred in the United States. The plane refueled itself once in three days before reaching its destination back in Gotham City, and Bruce often wondered what dramas have been occurring on the city streets.Founded in by Bill "Jett" Ramey, BATMAN ON FILM is the longest-running and most respected website on the Net dedicated to the Batman film franchise.

In addition to film, BOF covers Batman in comics, on TV, in animation, in games, etc. If its "Batman," BOF is there! The Killing Joke was already one of the most controversial stories created in comics.

In the graphic novel, the Joker paralyzes Barbara . Batman: The Killing Joke —en español: Batman: la broma asesina, conocida también en Hispanoamérica como Batman: la broma macabra y Batman: la broma mortal— es una novela gráfica de Batman publicada por la editorial estadounidense DC Comics en , escrita por Alan Moore, dibujada por Brian Bolland y coloreada por John .

Batman: The Killing Joke [n 1] (traduit par Souriez! chez Comics USA et Rire et mourir chez Delcourt mais avec le titre original chez Panini) est un roman graphique dont le personnage principal est a été écrit par Alan Moore et dessiné par Brian one shot a été publié par DC Comics en mars et traduit en France .

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BATMAN ON FILM - Authoritative. Definitive. The ORIGINAL. (Est. ) Thomas and Martha Wayne were walking home from the Monarch Theater one night with their son, when they were held up at gunpoint by a mugger who demanded the pearl necklace that Martha was wearing. Wayne refused to surrender it, both he and Martha were shot dead in the streets.
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Characters He recounted, "I thought about it in terms of who's my favorite writer at the moment, what hero I would really love to do, and which villain? I basically came up with Alan, Batman and the Joker".

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Batman: The Killing Joke is a DC Comics one-shot graphic novel featuring the characters Batman and the Joker written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland.

The Killing Joke provides an origin story for the supervillain the Joker, loosely adapted from the story arc "The Man Behind the Red Hood!The Joker's origin is presented via flashback, while simultaneously depicting his.

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