An argument against the increase in gasoline price due to the limited production of big oil companie

It was then so unsatisfying then that this book is so significantly flawed. Companies that ignore the message of natural capitalism do so at their peril We show that the move towards radical resource productivity and natural capitalism is beginning to feel inevitable rather than merely possible If natural capitalism continues to blossom, so much money and resources will be saved that societies will be able to focus on issues such as housing.

An argument against the increase in gasoline price due to the limited production of big oil companie

Also there are two major common threats, climate change global warming and peak oil concept. For overwhelming these threats, some opportunities have being clarified.

In following sections, all these factors and parameters will be discussed more elaborately. Exploitation and Petrochemical capabilities Shell and ExxonMobil have very similar portfolios in a sense that their key business areas are oil and gas exploration and production and chemicals manufacturing.

Production figures for the two companies show close similarities. The corresponding figures for Shell include 2,3 million barrels daily of crude oil and liquefied natural gas LNG and 8,2 billion cubic feet daily of natural gas available for sale.

Untilboth companies produced coal. It operates 45, gas stations, the world's largest retail fuel network [4]. ExxonMobil, in reported proved reserves of 23 billion barrels of oil equivalent, as well as major holdings in oil sands through Imperial Oil.

The company supplies refined products to almost 28, gas stations in countries [5]. BP has proved reserves of BP markets its products in more than countries and operates more than 24, gas stations worldwide.

Chevron has proved reserves of It owns or has stakes in 9, gas stations in the US that operate under the Chevron and Texaco brands.

An argument against the increase in gasoline price due to the limited production of big oil companie

Outside the US it owns or has stakes in 15, gas stations, which also use the Caltex brand[7]. Total has reserves of It has interests in 25 refineries and directly operates 12 and about 16, gas stations, primarily under the TOTAL and Elf brands, mostly in Europe and Africa.

Private-owned companies and dependency on state-owned oil companies The weakest point of Giants comparing to significant national oil companies are the oil resources and reserves.

It makes them vulnerable from policies of both companies and countries of exporter of crude oil. Figure 2 shows the major movement of crude oil around the globe. King Hubbert created and first used the models behind peak oil in Based on this theory, only oil that has been found before can be produced.

Therefore, the peak of discoveries which took place a long time ago in the s, will someday have to be followed by a peak of production. After peak oil, the global availability of oil will decline year after year. Some of the authors, even mention that there are strong indications that world oil production is near peak.

As soon as the first big fields of a region have passed their production peak, an increasing number of new and generally smaller fields have to be developed in order to compensate the decline of the production base. From there on, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain the rate of the production growth.

A race begins which can be described as follows: More and more large oil fields show declining production rates. The resulting gap has to be filled by bringing into production a larger number of smaller fields. But this is not possible anymore at a sufficient rate once the rate of discoveries has fallen.

Eventually, these smaller fields reach their peak much faster and then contribute to the overall production decline. This decline has to be compensated for by the ever faster connection of more and more ever smaller fields, see Figure 6.

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Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken It occurred at a time when the country was undergoing its rapid transformation from a mainly agricultural society to the greatest industrial powerhouse the world has ever known. The effects of Standard Oil on the U.

Most of the oil companies and even international energy agencies tend to follow and prove this approach. Figure 4 - Peak Oil Concept, based on Hubbert Definitely gap is huge. It seems that all major players in oil industry tend to show the reliability of oil at least for next couple decades to prevent any radical change in consumption patterns and policy making.

Figure 5- Typical production pattern for an oil region. The implicit meaning of this forecasting is that they also believe that in the decades ahead, oil production could not meet the demand of energy in the world anymore. Figure 6-Oil production world summary.

Global Warming Climate change is an international environmental issue that has provoked widespread controversy in the industries that are most involved Ikwue and Skea, ; Levy, Strong business opposition has contributed to the deadlock in the negotiations, with a US government that rejects particularly the European efforts to proceed with the international approach as agreed upon in Kyoto in The oil industry has been a critical player in the worldwide efforts to address greenhouse gas emissions e.Oil in Iraq: the Heart of the Crisis (December, ) Did Big Oil Win the War in Iraq?

(November 14, ) After four years of US occupation, oil production in Iraq remains far below prewar levels. Pipeline sabotage and theft, especially in the north of the country where Kurds and Arabs are struggling over oil, have made Iraqis lose.

Ethanol Producer is the #1 Source of Information for and About Ethanol Producers and Industry Pros. They blame any corn price increase on ethanol production. Of course, this argument is. Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

The Saudis and the Iraqis have both managed to increase production by roughly , b/d helping to cause the 85 mb/d global production plateau that has existed for nearly two years to be eclipsed during the past few months; production now seems to be running in excess of 87 mb/d as shown in this chart: Yet the price of oil refuses to sink/5(2).

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