About national cyber olympiad

Primary enrollment at a school will be determined by what school holds the student's records and matriculates the student a general definition of primary enrollmentand a student may only be primarily enrolled at a single school. A Team Endeavor Science Olympiad requires all participants in Science Olympiad competitions to participate as members of a team, not as individuals.

About national cyber olympiad

Mock Test helps you to assess your preparation against other Kid s appearing in exam.

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You will be provided with 3 Mock tests in each supported exam patterns. Detailed Diagnostic Report After each test, the student will get a detailed strength and weakness report that contains students performance break-up at the chapter level.

This way you can make out which one is your weak section. And you will get to know in which area you need to work more. Percentile Performance At the end of each mock test, Kid is presented with the percentile score.

This feature helps the Kid s to evaluate their preparation. Descriptive Answers The descriptive or detailed answer will be provided to each difficult question. At times, it happens that you want more explanation of a particular question then you are always welcomed.

You can send us feedback or your doubts, and you will be receiving a reply within 48 hours by the individual subject teacher.

Ask Doubts As our services are completely online, it enables us to be connected. Our tool allows Kid s to send feedback on the questions asked in our online tests. A Kid can seek description or explanation on any question asked in our test papers.

Students also have option to ask questions related to their course.Information Security is becoming synonymous with National Security as Computer Networking, which is vulnerable to Cyber attack and forms the backbone of critical infrastructure of the country’s banking, power, communication network, etc.


About national cyber olympiad

D-MART, SEAWOODS,NERUL(W) NAVI MUMBAI, (MAHARASHTRA) Roll No. Name of the Student 15th SOF NATIONAL CYBER OLYMPIAD Total Marks International Rank State Rank School Awards - Won Rank International / State / School .

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(National Cyber Olympiad) 31st Jan (THURSDAY) 2 - 12 Two ICSO (International Company Secretaries Olympiad) 31st Jan (THURSDAY) 11 .

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