A common treasury the euros future

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A common treasury the euros future

By George Soros The opinions expressed are his own. The euro crisis is a direct consequence of the crash of When Lehman Brothers failed, the entire financial system started to collapse and had to be put on artificial life support.

This took the form of substituting the sovereign credit of governments for the bank and other credit that had collapsed.

Euro zone may need treasury, minister, budget, bonds - EU Commission | Reuters

At a memorable meeting of European finance ministers in Novemberthey guaranteed that no other financial institutions that are important to the workings of the financial system would be allowed to fail, and their example was followed by the United States.

Angela Merkel then declared that the guarantee should be exercised by each European state individually, not by the European Union or the eurozone acting as a whole.

A common treasury the euros future

This sowed the seeds of the euro crisis because it revealed and activated a hidden weakness in the construction of the euro: The crisis itself erupted more than a year later, in There is some similarity between the euro crisis and the subprime crisis that caused the crash of In each case a supposedly riskless asset—collateralized debt obligations CDOsbased largely on mortgages, inand European government bonds now—lost some or all of their value.

Unfortunately the euro crisis is more intractable.

A common treasury the euros future

In the U. This requires a political process involving a number of sovereign states. That is what has made the problem so severe. The political will to create a common European treasury was absent in the first place; and since the time when the euro was created the political cohesion of the European Union has greatly deteriorated.

As a result there is no clearly visible solution to the euro crisis. In its absence the authorities have been trying to buy time.

The Euro - Europe's Single Common Currency

In an ordinary financial crisis this tactic works: But in this case time has been working against the authorities. Since the political will is missing, the problems continue to grow larger while the politics are also becoming more poisonous.

It takes a crisis to make the politically impossible possible. Under the pressure of a financial crisis the authorities take whatever steps are necessary to hold the system together, but they only do the minimum and that is soon perceived by the financial markets as inadequate.

That is how one crisis leads to another. So Europe is condemned to a seemingly unending series of crises. Measures that would have worked if they had they been adopted earlier turn out to be inadequate by the time they become politically possible.

This is the key to understanding the euro crisis. Where are we now in this process? The outlines of the missing ingredient, namely a common treasury, are beginning to emerge.

But the EFSF is not adequately capitalized and its functions are not adequately defined. It is supposed to provide a safety net for the eurozone as a whole, but in practice it has been tailored to finance the rescue packages for three small countries: Greece, Portugal, and Ireland; it is not large enough to support bigger countries like Spain or Italy.

Nor was it originally meant to deal with the problems of the banking system, although its scope has subsequently been extended to include banks as well as sovereign states. Its biggest shortcoming is that it is purely a fund-raising mechanism; the authority to spend the money is left with the governments of the member countries.

This renders the EFSF useless in responding to a crisis; it has to await instructions from the member countries. The situation has been further aggravated by the recent decision of the German Constitutional Court. While the court found that the EFSF is constitutional, it prohibited any future guarantees benefiting additional states without the prior approval of the budget committee of the Bundestag.

This will greatly constrain the discretionary powers of the German government in confronting future crises. The seeds of the next crisis have already been sown by the way the authorities responded to the last crisis.

They accepted the principle that countries receiving assistance should not have to pay punitive interest rates and they set up the EFSF as a fund-raising mechanism for this purpose.The Euro Fx futures contracts or Euro/US dollar futures contracts offers traders an attractive futures contract to gain exposure to the nation single currency.

The contracts in the Euro/US dollar are extremely liquid and come in notional values of €, Assuming sticky prices and given expectations of future exchange rates, what is the short-run effect on the exchange rate of the U.S.

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While nicely capturing the can only impoverish Europe to a public investment campaign designed to secure Europes future. essential role of the Euro Treasury in turning the common currency into an engine for joint prosperity. Unfortunately the euro crisis is more intractable. In the US financial authorities that were needed to respond to the crisis were in place; at present in the eurozone one of these authorities, the common treasury, has yet to be brought into existence.

This requires a political process involving a number of sovereign states.

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